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Is Blogging the Revenge of the Shy People?

Today on FWJ Radio we talked about blogging for a living. As we were talking, I noticed a certain phrase came up more than once, “I’m normally very shy…”. I hear this a lot from bloggers. In fact, for me blogging helped to overcome my shyness. There is no way ten years ago I’d be speaking at conferences or hosting weekly podcasts.

A decade ago, I would have sat in the back of the room trying not to draw too much attention to myself. Now I sit in front so I can be seen when I raise my hand to ask questions. In short, blogging has given me confidence.

What do you think, is blogging the revenge of the shy people? Has it given wallflowers an opportunity to to be heard?


2 Responses to “Is Blogging the Revenge of the Shy People?”

  1. Jennifer on October 22nd, 2008 12:36 am

    I swear I’m more quiet now that I blog, as opposed to before. I don’t think I’m the norm though. I’ve always been very outgoing (in school did speech, drama, was always a big-time social club kid, the whole bit) but it does seem like tons of bloggers I know have said, “Oh, I’m shy, or quiet” it’s odd. Maybe blogging does draw quiet, or shy folks in.

  2. Nancy on October 22nd, 2008 7:43 am

    Yes, I am one of them. I’m still breaking out of it. Blogging had given me a voice. Unlike, Jennifer I did not participate in any of the school activities and you definitely will not see me speaking publicly. Well, not yet.

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